I think other people should read Stolen Children because it is a very good book about two girls who get kidnapped by two guys who make a living out of kidnapping children. Amy is one of the girls who got kidnapped and the other is Kendra. The main characters are Smokey, Hugh, Amy, and Kendra. Smokey and Hugh are the two guys who kidnap Amy and Kendra.

Would this be a good book for you to read? 

LTB  (Love the Book)

McKenna, 4th Grade Book Reviewer  

Mrs. Williams
11/14/2013 1:38pm

I can't wait to read this book. It sounds spell-binding! Thanks for the recommendation!

11/15/2013 12:20pm

Hey this is a awesome book and book report. I think I would be hooked on this book. this sounds like a spooky and creepy book.

11/18/2013 3:54pm

good book mckenna.

Mrs. Williams
11/27/2013 5:35am

I noticed several fourth graders checking this book out. So many, in fact, that there wasn't one available when I tried to check it out! Keep reading fourth graders!!!


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